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First Visit to Our Office

Thank you for contacting Garrett Law Offices about your debt relief options. You do not need to bring any documents to your first interview. However, to make the best use of our time together you may want to answer the questions below, print it out, and bring this information along.

1. Best guess of total: Credit Card Debt   $_____________      Unpaid Medical Bills   $________________
2. Are you financing vehicle(s)? YES or NO
3. Are you financing a home(s)? YES or NO
4. Have you or your spouse filed bankruptcy before? YES or NO
5. Any repossessions or foreclosures? YES or NO
6. Have you been sued? YES or NO
7. Do you have internet access at home? YES or NO
8. Are you being garnished? YES or NO
9. Your monthly household income of benefits of all kinds before taxes   $__________________________

If you are being garnished, sued, or harassed by creditors you may also want to bring along a deposit of $100 cash or check to start work on your file. Garrett Law Offices offers extremely flexible payment plans. We also tailor the fees you pay to your specific financial situation. There is no obligation for your appointment. Just come in and we will discuss your options and then you can decide.